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Our TIKI trailers

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Our official partner TIKI allows us to offer you the best way to transport your FREYA 580 or your FREYA 750.

Our trailers benefit from high quality construction materials and internationally recognized solidity.

Do not hesitate to contact us for all orders

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Length: 7405 mm

Base: 5157 mm + 700 mm

Rear height: 1548 mm

Width: 2305 mm

Coat: 2090 mm

Height: 1319 mm

Weight: 2600 kg (150 kg + 1300 kg + 1300 kg)

Permissible load on the tow hook: 150 kg Weight: 672 kg (124 kg + 274 kg + 274 kg)

Tires: 185 R14C on 5.5J x 14H2 rims with load index: at least 104 with speed index: at least N

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